About the Course

Welcome to the New Jersey Safe Drive’s 6-Hour Defensive Driving course online. American Safety, Inc. is approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to offer the online Defensive Driving in New Jersey.

Never before has completing an accident prevention course been so inexpensive and stress-free. Our New Jersey MVC approved course covers a broad variety of subjects including Traffic Signs, the impact of drugs and alcohol while driving, and numerous Accident Prevention Techniques. It also serves as a fantastic resource for drivers who need a review of safe driving practices, rules of the road, and new traffic laws.

AboutBy law, the New Jersey driving course is 6 hours long. We know that fitting 6 hours into a busy schedule is difficult, but our online program is entirely flexible and intended to fit painlessly into the busiest of schedules. This is done by giving you the flexibility to log in and out of the program whenever you want and from any device (laptop computer, desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Of course, with completing the New Jersey Defensive Driving program, you receive the benefits of a Point and Insurance Reduction. You are guaranteed to receive a car insurance discount that could be as large as 10%. You will also be eligible to have 2 violation points removed from your license.