New Jersey Insurance Discount

You are guaranteed to receive a car insurance discount for taking our NJ Defensive Driving online course. New Jersey drivers are guaranteed to receive a 5% reduction on their liability, no-fault and collision coverage when they complete an MVC approved 6-hour defensive driving course. This Insurance discount will be applied for 3 years.

NJ Insurance DiscountAlthough state law guarantees a 5% discount, many insurance providers offer a discount as large as 10% for 3 years. Contact your insurance agent to find out the exact amount of the discount they offer.

To receive your discount, you will need to provide your insurance carrier with a copy of your course completion certificate. You will receive this certificate by mail after you have completed the course.

Our online accident prevention class is approved by the New Jersey State MVC (formerly known as the DMV) and provided by American Safety, Inc. To start saving money on your car insurance, click the Register Now button.

About Car Insurance Rates

Most people believe that the primary factor that determines their car insurance premium is their driving history. If only it were that easy. The truth is that the majority of factors that determine how much you pay has nothing to do with your driving record at all. Below is a list of things that play a major factor in determining your premiums that have nothing to do with how well you drive:

  • Credit Score
  • Where You Live
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Marital Status

Many people find it shocking that the things listed above play a role in how much they pay for car insurance. We do want to mention that not all insurance carriers use occupation and education to determine their rates but many of them do and it plays a very significant part in their underwriting. What’s frustrating about the 5 criteria we just mentioned is there is nothing you can really do about it. You are not going to move, change jobs, or get married just to save money on you car insurance. You can, however, take our New Jersey Online Defensive Driving Course and receive a guaranteed insurance discount for 3 years.